Rowing Machine Cross-fit: Benefits


For everyone


The action of rowing machines is extremely easy to learn more: , and obviously, as long as someone with the necessary preparation attends you, it will not take much more than the first session to get the basic foundations of the rowing technique.


Calorie expenditure


By recruiting a large number of muscles (around 85%, more than other types of cardiovascular exercise), both lower and upper body, such as: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, dorsal, mid-abdominal or core area, triceps and biceps, and producing muscle contractions, will generate excellent work, both muscular and cardiovascular, involving the consumption of a good number of calories.


Indoor training


A few years ago, and currently it continues, the activity of Indoor Cycle or known by the registered brand, Spinning, was a boom in all sports centers, introducing the concept of group classes.


It also provided a series of benefits such as: caloric expenditure in a short period of time, no joint impact, improvement of anaerobic capacity, and above all, a good dose of fun in each session.


Ultimate Rowing Machine Crossfit


What is an Ergometer?


In this sense, we can make the following definition: an ergometer can perform a test of the person's performance and fitness level.

To a certain extent, using the necessary equipment you can monitor different constants, such as heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and obtain a report on the condition of the subject.


What does the Rowing Machine consist of?


An oar simulates the rowing action, ie it is a combination of a movement of pull and push ("pull-push"), the resistance offered by the water (is simulated on the machine) plus the friction existing between the gears.

Therefore, by executing this rowing machine, we will be carrying out an activity that combines Strength and Resistance in the horizontal plane.




  • Sliding seat
  • Fixed foot pedals with foot adjustment
  • Grip connected to chain with gears
  • Simulation or resistance system (can be magnetic, by air ...)
  • LCD screen to show information about any current variable. It also allows you to navigate and select the training program from the menus (depending on model)


Minimizes risk of injury


It does not cause a joint impact like other sports, in addition to those who are overweight, the way in which the knees must maintain the load will be lighter.


Cardiovascular improvement


Any activity of medium intensity will create a series of benefits for our cardiovascular system, from the heart muscle itself, to the oxygen, blood transport system.


Rowing technique, how to row?


Although at first glance it seems like a simple push and pull movement, it is not at all.

In a rowing machine there must be the most precise and rhythmic sequencing of the phases of the complete movement cycle to achieve good efficiency during the exercise, regardless of whether we perform long sessions of 3 kilometers or more, short series or intensity intervals.

Like any other exercise that requires an optimal execution technique, if this is not carried out properly, the only thing we will achieve is to overload the muscles involved, increase the probability of injury and not achieve the proposed objective.


The rowing cycle can be divided into 3 phases:


The Catch


Starting position: in which we will keep our legs flexed and our arms fully extended in front of us. It is important that you take into account the position of your back both at the beginning and during it, so it should be straight without exaggerating kyphotic or lordotic curvatures.


The Drive


We start the movement by extending our legs and pushing ourselves back. Just at the same moment of maximum extension it will be when we pull the oar until we get to position the handle below your chest.


Return to the Catch or Recovery


In this phase we return to the initial starting position. First, we extend our arms fully, bringing them back to the front, and then we allow them to flex our legs to take us to the starting position.


The Rowing Machine and Psychological Training


This supposes being over-credited to the control over our movement, and if we are training with a specific objective of the session, such as obtaining a total amount of meters rowed in a fixed time, it will suppose an extra pressure (although reading this you will not believe it, when you start rowing, you will see what I tell you), and in that your pulsations will rise quickly.

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